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Rope Tales

In the end of 2016, we decided to change the name of this website in Rope Tales. We want to tell a tale about our passion for each other, as well as for kinbaku.

Kinbaku is communication. Expressions on a face, a body moving at breath’s peace, a hand’s movement, can tell us a story about the emotions experienced by the person who is being tied.
Who ties must listen, and receive the tale as a gift. If you want to listen to a fascinatig story, tie accordingly.

We want to spread this passion; to show its beauty to all those who want to watch. For this reason we work to make Rope Tales a resource for those who love the beauty of kinbaku, and wish to understand, to learn, to practise.

Rope Tales’ bondage is inspired by the style of Naka Akira Sensei, brought in the west by his appointed disciple Riccardo Wildties.

We chose this philosophy for the beauty we can see in it, for how deeply it touches our feelings, because it feeds and nurtures the passion between us.

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About Kirigami

I am Italian, and I presently spend most of my time in Switzerland’s Canton Ticino and in the city of Milan, yet travelling quite often in other European cities.

I love bondage and I like to be on stage; in the last five years I performed as a rigger in Milan, Rome, Turin, Bologna, Venice, London, Athens and other Italian and European cities; experimenting with different contexts, like clubs, fetish clubs, strip clubs, and cultural festivals, in addition to specifically bondage-related events, like Bound London, or Shibari Day organized by Wildties and Wykd_Dave, during which I had the opportunity to perform as a guest.

In late 2011, after attending a performance by Wildties, I got more specifically involved in Japanese style rope bondage. Since then I try to keep my style as traditional as possible, continuously working at improving my skills and experiencing performing and teaching in different contexts.

In the same period I met Tenshiko, with whom I still share my path in ropes, and above all as a person.

In 2016 I began organizing bondage classes in Milan, through the "School of Rope" project. The school welcomes up to 12 couples each lesson. The benefit of a School, compared to the organization of single classes, is mainly to allow the students to gradually interiorize the technicque, while they also learn the context of kinbaku, and naturally begin creating communication through rope.

In the same year I also began challenging my management skills, preparing exclusive retreats as "Vigneti e Kinbaku".

In 2017, upon Wldties invitations, I had the chance to perform before Master Naka Akira's show in Turin.

In 2018, following a further deepening of my study of Naka Akira's style, as interpreted by his deshi Riccardo Wildties, I limited the influences coming from other riggers. On the other hand I began looking for inspiration in traditional Japanese arts; especially devoting myself with deep commitment at tea ceremony studies, and getting passionate in zen philosophy's influence on it.

Even staying in love with show, in my current vision of rope, above all I look for dialectical exchange between the rigger and the model. Through the challenge created by rope for the body, I try to engage a duel, which can lead to suffering and eros melting together.

The Certification

In the end of 2018 I successfully took Riccardo Wildties' examination, thus becoming a Kinbaku Luxuria certified instructor, and joining a team of 4 more instructors, active all over Europe.

These instructors share Kinbaku LuXuria’s educational values and professional deontolgy, and give basic classes, consistent in method and syllabus.

This way we can guarantee that our students can attend any further course given by other certified instructors and by Kinbaku Luxuria itself, having available all needed basic tools.